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The next song in our 30 Days Till Mayday series (now that we are back on track Ms. Amber) is a little ditty called “Oh Well, Oh Well.” This song is featured on Mayday Parade’s self titled album which was released in 2011.  This is a song that really hits home for me.  This is why I am featuring it in our countdown.

The true meaning of this song is difficult to explain, also very difficult to really tell.  Some people think that it is a broken relationship in which the guy wants his ex back.  He wants everything back to the way it was and as much as he tries to tell himself that he needs to get over her and let her be, he just can’t.  He can’t get over her even though she’s moving on.  Some think that it is about a relationship that hasn’t started yet.  About a guy and a girl who are very good friends and he is head over heels for her, but he can’t ever reveal his feelings to her for fear of rejection.  So instead he just watches her from afar and stays friends with her, being there for her when she needs it but always mourning what could have been.  Some others still take a very dark and different approach to this song.  There are those that believe the song tells the tale of lovers torn apart by death.  The guy in the story has died and the entire story tells about how he is constantly watching over her, wishing and wanting to tell her so many things, but can’t because she can’t hear him.  She ends up moving on and forgetting about him, but he can’t help but be around her.  He will always be there for her, whether she can see or hear him or not, because this is probably what he had promised to her.

Either way you believe, you cannot deny the fact that this song is all about loss and longing.  This is obviously the recurring theme no matter which way you decide to decipher the lyrics.  The music progresses, gaining more momentum and becoming more and more passionate while we listen to this song of longing.

For me, this song describes what could have been.  Plainly and simply, we are hearing a story, again, of loss and longing and wishing for what could have been.  And the beauty of simplifying it down to this level is that, at this point, it could honestly apply to anything.  It could be a parent who took off (or who’s child died and is now watching, if you want to be morbid about it), a best friend who ditched you for a new life (new money, new lifestyle, new friends etc;), a lover, a sibling, another different close relative; it’s really quite versatile when you break it down this way.  The brilliance behind this is that every single person who listens will interpret it in their own way.  This of course sparks debates over the true meaning of the song and therefore more people listening to the track over and over to see if their buddies’ ideas really show any truth.  All in all this is a definite must listen.  Great music, great lyrics, great tone, awesome message(s) depending on what way you look at it.

Here are the links to a video, iTunes download and lyrics for ya, as always. Enjoy! 🙂

Day 4: Oh Well, Oh Well YouTube video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShfTOIAot3A*

Day 4: Oh Well, Oh Well iTunes download – https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/oh-well-oh-well-single/id454405681*

Day 4: Oh Well, Oh Well lyrics – http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/maydayparade/ohwellohwell.html*

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